Thursday Night 10-12-17 Updated Fri AM

Greetings and welcome!

I took a ride to Crivitz today and got a look at the fall colors. There are some bare trees but there were a lot of color and scenic views too. Some of the late colors are starting to show. The first one that comes to mind are the tamaracks, but some oaks and soft hardwoods are turning as well. Some areas are past peak, others are putting on a great show. It isn’t over yet.

We have a fast moving storm coming in for the weekend. The current timing in the forecast is about as good as it can be with the rain starting after dark Saturday and ending fairly early Sunday morning. Can we believe it?

Fri Am Update- No we can’t believe it. The Fri am forecast says rain from 1pm-1pm RJB

In events this weekend we have the Crooked Lake Octoberfest Saturday.

There is a haunted house on Moonshine Hill Rd and Camp 5 Road.

I haven’t been down 141 in a while but I would assume that the corn maze and pumpkin patch on Nejedlo Rd (Just south of Wausaukee) just west of 141 is still going.

For snowmobilers the Snowmobile USA Show is in West Allis this weekend.

The Peshtigo River continues to be way above normal. It hit +12” this week and is back down to about a +7”. Zero is the normal summer flow, and the average for today is about a -2”. The watershed must be really saturated to get flows like that.

The deer are abundant along the roads this week. There were at least three in the ditch dead between here and crivitz. Last night when I was driving I saw a dozen plus deer in a 14 mile ride, and they were not interested in moving. Keep a sharp eye out for deer when you are driving.

That is it for tonight. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!


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