Tuesday/Wed March 30,31, 2010-Updated late..

Greetings and welcome!

Late Wednesday night.. I posted a page about my adventures with Ubuntu, the open source Linux alternative to Windows. There is a link in the top bar or click here. It works pretty well, check it out.

Note that this was started Tuesday and finished Wednesday.


Today I come to you 64 bits wide and WIndows free. I will maybe do a page on that adventure later.

Anyway, it was a cloudy day today with temps that didn’t quite make 60. The wind was up over 10 or 15mph at times, and it was overcast most of the day.It was above normal but not representative of what we are expecting this week.

It wasn’t much of a day for suntanning, but it was grade A for making a little firewood. I made a nice trailer load of big stuff and was about halfway to filling up the truck when the chain on the saw stretched to the end of the adjustment and sent me home again.

Again I was glad I quit when I did.  The pretty new bearings on the trailer were squealing a little, and the truck was grunting some to move it. I needed Ibuprofen and slept through dinner, but I loved the workout, the woods, and the pile of wood that would easily heat my house 2-3 weeks in the coldest January. I just wish that I hadn’t unloaded half of it before I went for the camera.

Speaking of fire and wood, fire danger is very high right now. I was thinking about that today while I was out, with the wind in the woods, that if a fire got away under those conditions, it would run pretty good. Today they suspended all burning except campfires and warming fires and they advised extreme caution for those. Here is a link to the burning page from the WI DNR.

On that same note, here is the weekly wildfire report..

North East Region Wildfire Report

Peshtigo Dispatch Group – Current fire danger is High across the area. Burning is allowed from 6 p.m. to midnight. No burning on Sundays or Holidays Waupaca Dispatch Group – Current fire danger is Very High across the area. Lower relative humidity and gusty winds are expected, which can lead to dangerous fire behavior. As of March 25, annual burning permits have been suspended. Thirty-nine fires burned 39 acres across the region over the past week. Debris burning has been the main cause. Two structures were lost and another 22 were burned during these fires.

Like the probability of fire danger, I told you a report or two back about the UTVs on the ATV trails. Here is a just released DNR page about it.

A rerun of the 10pm news just came on, and the weather guy raisd my eyebrows a little about the possibilities for this week. The NWS has us in the upper 60s or low 70s and sunny Wed-Friday and in the mid-60s Saturday.

The TV weather guy is a little more optimistic. I understand that we are not in Green Bay, but upper 70s? Yee ha!



While I was outside again playing with firewood I noticed that the frogs in the pond were getting noisy. I heard a few the other day, but today they started up pretty loud. They are not the spring peepers’ vreep vreep, they are more regular frog sounding. They will all be going pretty soon.

Athelstane Weather and the NWS agree that it is 71 at the moment, so I guess it is 71. There is a breeze and some clouds, but it is 71.

In recent comments people asked about when the road bans would be lifted and when the ATV trails will open. Maybe someone knows the first one. The ATV trails almost always open the first weekend in May. That could change, but usually they open then.

Did I mention that it is 71 outside? Gotta run.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!



  1. slug says:

    What a great day but we sure need rain . The Menominee River is super low and the fire danger is getting bad.

  2. mixerking says:

    Road bands come off all county roads on monday April 5 at 7am you still have to check with the town but,most follow suit with the county

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