Thursday May 4th, 2017

Greetings and welcome!

The opening of fishing season is just a day and a half away. I am expecting better than usual conditions with the warmer than normal lakes.

The weekend weather looks OK so far. Friday night there is an early chance of rain that should not last long. Saturday is expected to be in the mid-50s, but there will be some wind. The NWS forecast at the moment is for 9-14mph gusting to 25. Saturday night will be a chilly one with lows around 30, Sunday looks nicer with sun and mid-50s.

One of the NWS updates mentioned that we could see elevated fire danger this weekend between the low relative humidity and the wind. Keep an eye on your fire.

We should have mostly clear skies Saturday night. We have a first quarter moon today, so it should be a fairly dark sky for stars. You might see a few shooting stars this weekend. The earth will be traveling through an old debris trail of Halley’s Comet. This show will be the best south of the equator, but we might still get a few. They will appear from the south sky from near the constellation Aquarius.

Tuesday I got my fishing license at the Red Pine BP. It was a snap with my GoWild card. Yesterday I registered the boat on line. Again it was an easy process with the card. Between those two and a little bait I was into it for $50.

I spent a little time working on the fishing boat yesterday. It was a nice afternoon and I was getting itchy doing my indoor work. I probably need less than an hour and I can be floating and fishing.

While I was out there I encountered a few wood ticks. Usually they are plentiful down by the work shed, so I have to assume that they are just getting started. The main pest was some gnats that came out late afternoon.

While I was out there I fixed the lawn mower. Test running it found that most of the grass in the yard was just getting high enough to be touched by the blades. On the south side of the house where the fast growing northern WI field grass dominates, it was already 6-8” high and in need of a cut.

It is an unusual year when the trees and grass are this far along on the first weekend of May. My recollection is that the big greening starts about May 10th. Well, it’s here.

Whitewater rafting will again be excellent this weekend. The Monday rain was plentiful and between that and the really saturated watershed, we still have abnormally high water. Our typical flow on the Peshtigo River for today is about 500cfs. Today we are running at 1,400. My guess is that translates into about a +22”. That is awesome water, get in on the fun if you have a chance.

Last Tuesday in my update I mentioned a few new businesses. There are two more to add to the list. The first one is the old Tommy’s Corner Pub at Hwy X & Deer Lake Rd. That is now Steve-O’s Corner Pub and their first day in business is today.

The next new business is actually one of my oldest customers expanding their business. Minor’s Construction has a new showroom in Crivitz on Main St, one block south of the village hall. They will be showing off their construction jobs, fireplaces and overhead doors, and new this year, seamless gutters. Good luck to both the Minor’s and Steve-O’s.

The Nebo Transport

I suppose that I would be neglectful if I didn’t mention my own business here too. Last summer I started Work-Sport-Adventure Sales LLC to sell my LED flashlights and headlamps. Things have grown up a little since then. I now also have those cool pop-up lanterns and a gadget called a Nebo Transport. The Transport is a rechargeable flashlight that camps in your cigarette lighter so that it stays charged and you always know where it is.

Athelstane Country Mart carries my flashlights and headlamps. The Red Pine BP here in Silver Cliff carries my flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and the Nebo Transports. I will also be at Rapids Resort Saturdays after about 4pm, and I always carry products with me in the car. Someday I will finish the web site, but so far I have been too busy working on other people’s to do my own.

One last item, the Piggly Wiggly in Crivitz has Johnsonville brats and Italians for $3 a package, and Sal’s Market in Wausaukee has ground chuck for $2.59 and charcoal for $6 a bag. It is a nice weekend for a BBQ, and now you can do it on the cheap.

That pretty well covers my list for this morning. Have a great weekend and thank you for visiting!

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