Saturday 9-2-17


Greetings and welcome!

The weather has me an unhappy guy today. The unexpected rain soaked a lot of events and activities and cost me a day of pictures on the river. I will be back doing pictures tomorrow.

I was expecting a little rain in the morning and then some later in the day.

Saturday doesn’t look very heavy, but the best chance from what I can see is about 1 or 2pm until after sunset. Monday is far enough away that the timing is hard to call. What I am seeing now is a minor chance in the morning and a better chance later.

What we ended up with was rain starting about 10am and letting up about 2pm. The radar was mostly yellow and dark green, indicating a pretty good rainfall rate. I have to question the radar return’s assessment of rainfall here, we are in the 0.3-0.6″ shading and I think that we had well over 1/2″ of rain. It was running down the driveway making ruts. Here is a graphic of the radar rainfall estimates that I screen capped a little before 3pm..

There is still a chance of more showers. The radar is showing some rain west of Rhinelander heading this way. It doesn’t look like much, but neither did our mid-day line that far west.

Tomorrow the NWS has us for sunny and a high of 78, and the river will be up and rowdy from all of the rain.




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  1. Dawn Bartell says:

    Just want to give a shout out to all the ATV using the newly opened section of Parkway!! They are all obeying the speed limit and being courteous to autos. Also lots of friendly waves! As an added bonus car traffic is obeying the speed limit too. A lot less speed demons!

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