Thursday September 7th, 2017

Greetings and welcome!

It was a chilly night last night. We saw a low of 42. I did eventually have to start the wood burner this morning. I was thinking finesse.. one extra log and you will have it 90 in here. I did fine. It went from 60 to 74 and the fire went out. Perfect.

We are expecting another cold night tonight. We could see some frost and a low in the mid-30s.

The cool temperatures are a good sign for the weekend. We are on the eastern side of a big area of high pressure, and it is pumping cool Canadian air our way. As that high pressure moves into our area for the weekend we can expect bluebird days and clear skies. I am expecting highs in the upper 60s and lows around 40 for the weekend.

We are getting some fall color happening. When I was out driving around Tuesday the earliest maples were showing a branch or two in color. The beech trees are starting to get a lot lighter green to them and should start getting colorful soon. I saw one tree that might be one of those maples that turns dark purple when the leaves change. I caught it out of the corner om my eye at highway speeds, so I am not sure, but I think that is what I saw.

We will have a very bright full moon this weekend. The full moon was actually yesterday, but minus a small sliver it will be big this weekend. Tuesday night I stopped in the forest for a look around. It was brighter than some overcast days, and when not in the shadows it was no problem walking through the woods. I would expect similar results this weekend.

This morning I made an archive of the Peshtigo River USGS gauge graphs for 2017. This was a record year and I wanted a copy of the graphs. The river never hit zero on the bridge gauge from the time that the ice went out though this weekend. Zero is the normal summer flow for the river. Also of interest, the gauge showed that we had 9″ of rain from July 1 until this morning. That has to be close to a record too. Usually July & August are pretty dry and an inch of rain a week rarely happens.

Today the river is running at about 450cfs, and a +5″ on the bridge gauge. Normally it is less than 200cfs. While people may have considered Labor Day the end of summer, the river is still running like it is spring. Kosir’s does run raft trips after Labor Day, so a fall color rafting trip might be an option this year.

The events for this weekend include The Country Fling at Parkway Inn & Resort a mile north of Hwy X on Parkway. They have live music, booyah, and raffles.

This weekend is also the Lena Lions Dairyfest. They have a run/walk, truck & tractor pulls and more. Link

For the snowmobilers among us this weekend is Hay Days over in MN. It is a huge snowmobiling event with grass drags and an enormous swap meet. I am working on a Big Snow Page update, but I am a little distracted this week. I will get there.

That is about it for today. Have a great weekend and thank you for visiting!


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