Thursday 10-5-17

Greetings and welcome!

My neighbor’s fast changing tree.

Wow what a difference a day made in fall color! This tree is at the neighbor’s land, and I scoped it out yesterday for color. It always gets nice in the fall, so I checked it on the way by yesterday. It was still green. Today it is beautiful. I don’t know how to explain that.

Today’s travels took me from C & F in Silver Cliff down C to Parkway south by the BP, and south to Eagle Rd, over to Deer Lake Rd, south to X, X to A, and A to Crivitz.

The colors were really jumping out for the whole ride. Yesterday I wasn’t impressed, today the show is ON>. The trees along the river were on fire too. I might have to go and check out the beech forest if I can tomorrow.

Anyway, here is a gallery of pix that I took today. See the caption for the location. I think that I lightened two of them, other than that they are as they came out of the camera, but downsized for the net.



Morning Update-

Greetings and welcome!

What a strange year for fall colors! Yesterday I went to Lakewood, Townsend and Carter. The trees along 32 are either done, or the majority of them are just getting started. It was a better show than last week, but the beautiful patchwork hillsides aren’t quite there yet.

It looks like a wet Saturday. We have a southern storm coming in for Friday night and Saturday that isn’t a monster storm but it looks like a soggy day Saturday. The NWS has rain chances at 90% Friday night and Saturday. Sunday looks nice.

In events we have the Wausaukee Fall Festival with vendors along Main St. There is also one in Lena. The Red Arrow ATV & Snowmobile Club is having a Fall Color and Booyah Ride Saturday That will end up back at The Old Town Hall Restaurant about 2pm.

The cold night last week did away with most of the bugs thankfully. There are still a few, but most are gone.

I did find my missing paper wasp nest by the work shed. It is in a tree behind it about 20′ up. That tells me that we might be in for a tough winter.

Unbelievable as it is the Peshtigo River still remains in the fun zone, and has not hit its normal summer flow yet since ice-out. Wow.

Time to make the donuts..

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!



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