Friday 10-6-17

Greetings and welcome!

My travels this morning took me to Wausaukee and on the way home I detoured up into the beech forest on Parkway North (Hwy I). It was a good color show for the whole ride, but I think that we are a touch ahead of Wausaukee for color. I have a bunch of pictures that I took along the way. The first ones were on Perch Lake Rd 3 miles east of A. Next was a hillside 4 miles west of Wausaukee. On the way home I stopped at Hwy C and the power lines just west of Deer Lake Rd. From there I went up Parkway and stopped where the ATV trail crosses I by Wolfe Ln. Next it was the beech forest and river pix from Camp 5 bridge. Finally I took some pix looking at Thunder Mountain from the top of Fox Hill on Hwy I 3 miles north of C, and a quick bridge picture driving by Rapids Resort.

The colors were a lot nicer than the pictures suggest. They are near peak but not quite there yet.

One dynamic for weekend leaf peepers is tonight and tomorrow’s rain storm. The NWS is predicting 1/2-3/4 inches of rain each for both Fri night & Sat. With a little wind that could go 25-30mph I am concerned that our color show will take a beating before it hits the peak. It seems to happen every year. On the upside, rainy and overcast days make the colors much more vivid to the eye.

Anyway.. pictures..


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