Thursday 6-15-17

Greetings and welcome!
Yesterday evening I took a ride down to Crooked Lake. I have some friends down there I needed to check places for. On the way down LaFave Rd There wasn’t much before the curve where the snowmobile/ATV/Pipeline trail crosses it.

The next few miles I started seeing the occasional tree down. About where the paved road starts a couple of miles north of town there were a lot more trees down. I only went about 1/2way through town, but there were a couple of big trees down and a guy’s awning/carport tent got trashed.

That is about it for storm reports for today.

I offer to check on people’s places because I know how it is. Before I moved here I drove the locals nuts when heavy weather came through and I was stuck downstate. Don’t hesitate to ask.

I got a call from Climber’s Anonymous Tree Service yesterday afternoon. They are doing just a ton of storm cleanups, but are still taking work. He said that Friday he is bringing in a 130 foot crane for some big cleanups. It will be near Waubee Lake, then to C & F where a giant tree fell on a cabin, and then down to Parkway & X where they got hit the hardest. If you have big work for the crane or need cleanup, call them.

I also do a web site for Panske Trim-A-Tree Tree Service in Marinette. If you have tree damage from 141 east to the lake give them a call.

Some friends that visit the area had a place down in Pulaski where a real tornado hit. I saw pictures and it is ugly down there.

Anyway, hopefully we are about done with severe weather for this week. It was a heck of a week with areas getting tree damage and in some spots 3+ inches of rain. Highways washed out on and on. I am glad that it is done.

The weekend forecast hasn’t changed much. There is a 20% chance of rain Friday and 30% Friday night. Those are just scattered instability storms that happen in summer.

Saturday the chances go up to 50% as the day progresses. There is a fairly weak area of low pressure that will pass over the area Saturday night. There could be a shower or storm in advance of it Saturday afternoon with the daytime heating.

Saturday night the low gets here and there is a good chance of rain or storms 70%. Once it moves out early Sunday morning chances will go down as the day progresses.

Today looks like the hottest day, a scorcher with 87 & some humidity. The hi/low temperatures for the weekend are Friday 85/60, Saturday 82/60, and Sunday 73/53.

When I ran to the post office this morning I saw that the white daisies are making a big show along roadsides. There were long patches of them in the ditch for much of my ride. There are yellow ones too, and something that looks like wild mustard is in bloom in the fields.

The bugs have been about normal for this year. A stop in the Nicolet to do this picture yesterday evening quickly found me swarmed by gators. Other than that some small flies that bite right through my socks hit me a few times while I was changing my water pump. Bring Repel. I use the Sportsman 40.

Back to the storm damage briefly..

While I was in the Nic I saw that North Fork Creek had really risen a lot, You can see that there is still grass under water, but more impressive is the grass laid down from when the water was a foot higher. It must have been a pretty good flash flood.

I also saw on Facebook yesterday that someone posted a picture from Dockside Bar showing the docks under water and like 20 feet from dry land.

Normally they have very tightly managed water level on the flowages. The Peshtigo River is abnormally high, so they had to release extra water from Caldron Falls Flowage.

Speaking of the Peshtigo River being abnormally high.. The whitewater rafting this weekend will be exceptional. The normal flow today is 472cfs, great fun in a raft or funyak. The most recent value is 1,910cfs, smashing the 19 year record of 1090cfs back in ’02.

It looks like the river peaked yesterday at about a +37 or +38″. Normally it would be at about +6″. Today we are at about a +30 and it should be about a +26 for the weekend.

That means that they will be running spring rafts with 6+ people and a guide in them.  It is very unusual to get water this high in summer, and a lot of years it doesn’t get this high in spring with the snow melt. If you want to see why the Peshtigo is world famous without walking through snow or dealing with cold air and water, here is a rare chance to do so. Call Kosir’s. 715-757-3431.

Yesterday I was at the Caldron Falls Bar taking pictures for a new web site. Dann had just taken a batch of ribs off of the smoker. Oh man they looked good. I haven’t even tasted them and they are fat guy approved. Those just have to be amazing.

Darn it now I am hungry. Gotta run.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!


Wednesday 6-14-17

Greetings and welcome!

I went out and did some damage checks this morning. Most areas are fine. My route took me down Landing 11Rd to Caldron Falls Rd to Thunder Mountain Rd, the subdivision around the Thunder Mountain Valley Inn, east on Thunder Mt Rd, and north on Parkway to C and west back home.

Landing 11 had 3 trees or branches down between C and the town line, none threatening buildings. It was ok down to Thunder Mt Ranch. They had a couple of trees down just north of their main driveway and occasional trees down for the next mile or so going south.

There were a couple of branches down at Thunder Mt Rd & Caldron Falls Rd, no big deal. Two of the cabins right by Thunder Mountain Valley Inn took trees to the roof. One is right at the intersection of Huigen Rd and the bar, one is right across the parking lot from the bar.

There was one big branch down on Thunder Mt Rd a mile east of there.

Going north on Parkway there were a couple of trees down on either side of Kamps Rd, none threatening structures. We were pretty good up to Curve Inn (Trixie’s). From there to the boat landing there were a few more trees down. At the boat Landing there were more trees down, and the guy on the SW corner of Dahleen Ln and Parkway, his yard was messed all of the way up with a lot of trees down. There were a couple more trees down between there and X.

North of X there was a tree down by Tall Oaks, no big deal. The next damage that I saw was a couple of trees damaged in the big pines across from Thornton’s and north a little. From there up to Bunny Bay Rd had a few more trees down.

Highway X going across the bridge from Parkway going east was closed. I know that Popp’s took some damage, it was probably about cleaning that up.

Heading north on Parkway from Bunny Bay there was one tree down just into Silver Cliff on Parkway. There was a branch by the road across from The Red Pine BP, and that was it for damage as I made the run home on C.

The ride was not uneventful. There were a couple of turtles laying eggs by Landing 11 Rd, a tiny fawn by Thunder Mt Valley Inn, and a bear about a mile east of there.


This weekend is the Muscle Maniac’s Car Show in Lakewood, the Nicolet Plastics Run/Walk, and live local music at the candy shop in Lakewood. You can get details on those events here..

The Thunder Mountain Valley Inn is having a birthday bash with a motorcycle ride, pig roast, and live music Saturday.

The Hilltop Resort is having a Father’s Day buffet for $12 on Sunday.

On Saturday the Caldron Falls Bar is having a benefit ride/poker run, followed by live music at 4pm.

That is all that I have for events at the moment.

The weekend weather looks OK but not perfect. The NWS has a 50% chance of rain Saturday. The GFS forecast model is showing just scattered showers and less than 0.25” of precip.

There is a small low pressure area that will track through the area Saturday night with a decent chance of showers or storms. Once that clears out Sunday should be nice. Look for high temps of 84 Friday, 79 Saturday, and 74 Sunday.

That is all that I have for today. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!