Friday 11-3-17

Greetings and welcome!

It has been a busy week so I don’t know as much as I’d like to today.

We had snow Wednesday night that probably made the 2″ mark before the rain came and pounded it down. There was probably a slushy half inch left at sunrise. By late afternoon Thursday the only snow on the ground was the piles that slid off of the car hoods and a few patchy shaded spots.

A friendly truck driver at the gas station said that heading toward Wabeno that the ground still held snow. It wouldn’t surprise me. We were right on the rain/snow line here in Silver Cliff. They would have gotten more snow and less rain to pound it down. I will get a look later today when I head that way.

We have more snow coming for tonight into Saturday. One forecast says 3″ another says 2-4″. Once Saturday warms up the snow is expected to turn to rain. Sunday also hold a chance of rain, but could get close to 50.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!


Wednesday 11-1-17 10:15pm Update

As of 10:15pm I measured about 1.5″ of snow down, and it continues to snow at a medium pace.


Greetings and welcome!

We are on snow watch this afternoon. The NWS forecasts, depending on which one that you look at, has us for  either 3″ or 2-4″. The snow is only a couple of counties away on radar so at least some snow is likely.

We have had some cold mornings recently. Sunday morning brought the coldest morning so far this fall with 18 degrees. Yesterday we got down to 27, and today’s low was 24 in Wabeno. High temps have been about ten degrees below normal, struggling to break 40 degrees.

I stopped at Landing 11 Monday night to check for ice in the bay but there was none. I’d bet that there was some Sunday morning.

I have a dozen things to cover and get ready outside if we are getting snow tonight so I am off to do chores. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!



Monday 10-30-17

Greetings and welcome!

First Snow!

The Thursday-Sunday storm brought the first snowflakes to much of the state. Here in Silver Cliff it didn’t happen. Sunday night there were a few tiny flakes mixed in with the mist and drizzle. Monday morning found a light layer of giant goose down type flakes had fallen overnight. We have our firs accumulating snow of the season.

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Wednesday 10-25-17

Greetings and welcome!

Saturday we got up into the 70s. That will probably be the last time that we see the 70 degree mark this year.

Yesterday we only got up into the mid-40s. That big of a change is usually accompanied by a big storm, and we had one of those. Around here it was mostly wind with sustained 20-30 mph winds gusting into the 40s. There were a lot of dead branches and trees down from the wind, but nothing all that unusual. The power flickered here a couple of times, but never went out.

There was some snow on the radar yesterday for far northern Forest Co and the UP from mid-afternoon on. This morning the radar is showing the center of the state getting a little snow, and even showed brief squalls a little south and west of here. I am not sure about the last part though.. The radar showed the snow as close as about McCaslin Mt Campground right on the county line, but when I went to take the garbage out to the road there was nothing but clear blue skies. It is only about 4 miles away I expected to see clouds or something.

The fall color is just about gone after our windy days. The tamarack, oaks, paper birch, and a few other species are still holding leaves, but most of the woods are bare trees again. I can also see into the woods again. In June when the underbrush is full, it is hard to see 100′ into the woods. Now I can see 10x that far.

I have not seen the first snowflakes here yet, but this weekend it seems very likely. We have a storm coming Fri night through Sunday that should at least make the grass white. It it all lines up right we could see an inch or two. We are looking at a high of about 42 for both days with lows around 30. Depending on the time of day we could see rain or snow. This will be the 4th weekend in a row that brought rain.

This is the big Halloween weekend, and just about every bar and trail stop that I passed is having a Halloween party and most of them involve a costume contest and live music. It should be a fun weekend. One of the more interesting entries is from the Caldron Falls Bar..

Halloween Party Punkin Chunkin Contest Live Music

Punkin Chunkin Contest…..”throw the pumpkin the farthest” starts at 3:30 pm please pre register ,the cost is $10.00, Eddy Munster Band plays at 7pm costume contest and prizes at 9pm.

For my whitewater paddling friends.. the Peshtigo River still has not reached the zero mark since ice-out. It looks like it has settled down into a comfortable base flow of about +4″ and about 400cfs. If the watershed freezes that saturated we will have a lot to look forward to for spring rafting.

Here is my latest winter prediction from last night on the Big Snow Page..

Seasonal Outlook…

I continue to be very optimistic about this winter. It has been a very unusual year in weather and I don’t think that will change in the next 6 weeks. I am expecting a lot of snow, more than a few storms that are mostly rain, and both very warm and very cold stretches. While I don’t expect our 9″ of rain in June to translate to nine feet of snow in January, I am hoping for the above normal precipitation trend to continue.

One recurring thought is that I don’t remember the last time that we had one of those double whammy low pressure systems that brought us a 16+ inch snowstorm and high winds. I expect to see that storm happen at least once this year.

I do have some concerns that it won’t be all honey and roses. The 8.6 degrees above normal for October is a little scary. If that happened in January, hooray, I don’t like that -30º stuff anyway. However, in February or March it would  be bad timing for us.

I have my concerns, but overall my outlook for a good snowmobiling season is very positive.


Time to make the donuts. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!