Thursday April 20, 2017

Marinette Co ATV Trails Open Fri April 21!!

Greetings and welcome!

Tuesday I was driving along coming into Townsend when it hit me that I never did my Tuesday morning update. Self employed life has been a little crazy. So at that point you guys are first this morning.

Last night we had a storm come through with some really heavy rain. I would guess that we had a little over an inch. Not too far south and west they saw as much as 3″. I would guess that the heavy stuff hit Lakewood, Riverview, Crooked Lake, and Mountain. The arrow points toward my location near the upstream end of Caldron Falls Flowage on the corner of the top stair step of Marinette Co. Click the radar return estimate picture to make it bigger.

As mentioned above the Marinette Co ATV trails open tomorrow. Other than our generous rains the past few weeks the ground has firmed up nicely after the frost came out of the ground. I checked the Red Arrow Townsend web site and they are still waiting for April 29 to open Oconto Co trails. In the update President Gary says, “..Barring any monsoons..”. You mean like 3-4″ of rain in one night? I guess he called that one.

Spring is working its way west this week. In Wausaukee they have lush green lawns and the trees are starting to bud and get leaves. The really green stuff is west of Hwy A now and getting into Silver Cliff. My yard is even showing a little of the green and a couple of trees are getting the first leaves unfolding.

Here are some pictures from this morning looking out of the kitchen window..

Friday night I grilled out at sunset and patrolled the Ponderosa with an adult beverage looking at all of the spring cleanup jobs and unfinished projects. It was a nice night and a generally bug-free experience. I did see one moth, one mosquito, and one wood tick. The mosquito and wood tick both had fatal encounters with me, hopefully they were the motherships of each species, but I hope that every spring and it never works out.

The past year snowmobiling season was one of the worst in memory. The upside is that the early thaw got the ATV trails open a week early and there is no question that the lakes will be open for the opening of fishing season in two weeks. I remember a few years ago you could ice fish the opener, not this year. I will even suggest that the lakes will be a little warmer than normal.

Speaking of fishing, there is a fishing show with famous local guide Mike Mladenik this Saturday at The Hanger from 9-3pm. It used to be Sky Harbor next to the Crivitz Airport on Hwy W 4 mi est of Crivitz. There are fishing seminars in the morning at 9:30 and 11am and it costs $5 to get in.

I am not quite ready for fishing just yet. The boat trailer has a flat tire and the boat needs pressure washing, but the trolling motor battery is charging as we speak. I will have to get on that the next nice day that I can get away.

The whitewater rafting season continues to bring high water levels on the Peshtigo River. I just checked and the river gauge shows about a +19″ river level with the slope of the graph going almost straight up. Their rain gauge shows us getting about 1.25″ of rain last night.

Next weekend on April 28th they are having the 2nd Annual Peshtigo River Festival (aka Pesh Fest) at Kosir’s. Last year they had the big smoker out and J-Man BBQ’d us up some really outstanding vittles. I will be there selling my flashlights and lanterns and have a few specials saved up for the event. Here is a copy n paste from the Kosir’s Facebook page..

Last years 1st annual PESHTIGO RIVER FESTIVAL was a hit, so we’re bringing it back for round TWO! Join us here at Kosir’s for our 2nd Annual Peshtigo River Festival!! We can’t wait to hang out with everyone, listen to music, party, and most importantly PADDLE with all of you! There will be tons of food, drink specials, music, guided raft trips, scheduled shuttle services, raffles, and much much more! Camping spots are also available, so make sure you grab yours soon! Call 715-757-3431 to make a reservation!
We promise you won’t be disappointed!

When: April 28th, 2017 – April 30th, 2017
Time: Whenever!
Where: Kosirs Rapid Rafts
(W14073 County Rd C Silver Cliff WI 54104)

There will be a race down the beautiful Peshtigo River starting at 1:00PM on Saturday, April 29th. More details about the race can be found on Dirt Bag Paddlers Facebook page, or feel free to message us for more info!

Music will be provided by DJ Terrence Young

Food and drinks hosted by Rapids Resort
Let’s bring the love of Whitewater to Kosir’s and have an amazing fun filled weekend and make the 2nd Annual Peshtigo River Festival one to remember!! We can’t wait!!
Looking for transportation to and from Pesh Fest? Look no further… Rally has you covered! Check out for all your transportation needs!

Well time for me to get back to work. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!



Friday April 14th, 2017

Paddler’s Alert!

Peshtigo River is at +26″.

Greetings and welcome!

It looks like we are in for a mostly nice weekend starting with today. The TV is showing high temps of 60 today, 70 Saturday and 64 Sunday.

There is rain in the forecast for Saturday, but my guidance shows it coming early and late and a 70 degree day in the middle. The morning storm doesn’t look like much and the evening storm should come late enough in the day to not bother daytime activities. It might douse the evening campfire, but my earliest guidance has it coming in about 9 or 1opm. Once the evening storm gets here we could see some thunderstorms. The TV showed us getting 1/2″ of rain by morning.

Yesterday I put a lot of miles on the car, and in my travels I checked some lakes. Waubee Lake and Townsend Flowage are free of ice now. High Falls was wide open by Popp’s and again as I traveled over the Hwy X Bridge. Caldron Falls is wide open at Landing #8 by the dam with no ice in sight. You can put a boat in and do some fishing or cruising, though swimming might be a brisk experience. Do that at Kosir’s where you have a wet suit.

Speaking of Kosir’s, earlier in the week I suggested that with all of the rain ” I would not be surprised to see it go into the 30?+ range for this coming weekend. “. (It being the Peshtigo River..) I checked this morning and it is at +26”. It isn’t 30+, but it will be a really fun level to go whitewater rafting. Call Kosir’s to get your reservations.

Something that I saw in my travels yesterday is the greening of the grass. In Wausaukee the lawns are full green and growing. Here in Silver Cliff 22 miles west I still have more brown than green, though it is starting to green up.

That brown stuff from last year’s vegetation is part of our spring fire danger. It will burn readily, and with the ever present spring breeze a single spark could set the neighbor’s whole field on fire.

That kicks my butt every spring. I have a nice day and want to clean up the yard, but I am too chicken to even have a basic campfire most days. Even with a garden hose right there, some days with a breeze and low humidity I wouldn’t even consider it.

This week we had a lot of rain and we have some humidity, so the wind will be the key factor in me having a campfire/grill/beer@picnic table happy hour today. When I checked a few minutes ago fire danger was only moderate.

For those of you interested in a nice Easter Dinner Hilltop Resort is having an Easter buffet with broasted chicken, ham, and much more for $12. I hear that they have very good chicken, and if I can get my taxes done in time, that will very likely be my Easter Dinner destination.

There has been no sign of Houdini since Tuesday night when he licked clean yet another traditional mouse trap without setting it off. The sticky traps and the latest baited trap remain untouched. My guess is that he died of obesity from all of the peanut butter that I have been feeding him.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!