Tuesday May 8th, 2017

Greetings and welcome!

It has been an interesting couple of days since my last update. Saturday people took to the river with Kosir’s and had a great time in the +17″ water. There were some epic flips and pop-ups.

It was windy as predicted, and that probably made fishing a little challenging for opening day. Other than the wind Saturday was a pretty nice day.

I can’t tell you much about Sunday other than it was a little chilly out. Since it was cold out I was inside by the wood burner hard at my web site work. I only went outside briefly to stretch my legs.

I told Chris that I’d take her fishing Monday, and we did indeed get the boat wet. We got a late start thanks to the cold morning. Monday morning’s low temperature record went to Iron Mountain, who marked 19 degrees. The day was going to be 60 later, so the 5am start with temps in the mid-20s didn’t happen.

We did a little fishing but not much catching. That’s ok, it was a nice day in the boat. I didn’t expect much fishing at mid-afternoon on a sunny day.

There was a lot of food coming down the river, and I spotted what looked like a hatch of helgramites or something pretty close to them. There were a lot of them and I figured that my chances just went from slim to none.

I did indeed put us on the spawning beds and there were active fish, they just weren’t interested in our offerings.

Someone commented and asked about Curve Inn changing hands. I saw on Facebook that new people are running it and it is now Trixie’s. The Rapids Resort is also now Barb & Todd’s Rapids Resort.

With spring unfolding the bugs come into focus. I spent some time outside last week and again today. In my travels I think that my tick count is up to about 6. They are present.

That got me thinking about pest control. A couple of years ago I got this stuff for the house that you put in a pump-up sprayer. It kills almost everything, has a 90 day plus residual, and is supposedly non-toxic for humans and pets. It worked great and lasted quite a ways past the 90 days. The best part is it put a total stop to the annual lady beetle infestation. This stuff works very well. http://store.doyourownpestcontrol.com/d-fense-sc-insecticide

This year I am also going to hit the steps, picnic table and area, the work shed, and the eaves of the wood shed and work shed where the wasps want to make a nest every year.

I have been seeing a lot about this new to us deer tick borne Powassan virus. It sound like a very bad thing to contract. Here is a link to the CDC page about it. So far their maps don’t show it in this area. It is not a new virus, the first case was recognized in the late 1950s.

In the world of green..

The grass doesn’t need cutting quite yet in most areas. The areas that are the fast growing field grass like along the road are ready.

The birch trees are getting catkins, and some cottonwoods are starting to get first leaves. I have seen my first dandelion. On the way back from Wabeno last week I was on the hunt for Trillium. I saw a few just out of Wabeno, but not in some of my spots that get littered with them between here and there. I spotted the first fern fiddle heads Friday, and the Lilly pads are coming in on the lakes. When I was at the boat landing today I saw my first marsh marigolds. The blooms were round buds that you could see the yellow in, but they had not opened yet.

When we were out on the flowage it was a little surprising that you could still see so much of the surrounding terrain with the trees and underbrush not in yet. I think that will change in a big way very soon. I expect both ferns and trillium later this week and a lot of new leaves on trees and underbrush.

That is it for tonight. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!


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