Friday 5-12-17

Greetings and welcome!

The second half of this week found me extraordinarily busy so my update will be short and late.

Anyway.. This week was good for the world of green things. The tree leaves, underbrush, and grass are growing at a fast pace. The wildflowers are starting up too. This weekend will be a good one for marsh marigolds, and the trillium are starting to emerge.


We should be in for a nice weekend this weekend. The NWS has us in for about a 30% chance of showers overnight, and that is it for rain until next week. Look for highs in the upper 60s and lows in the low 40s.

Yesterday we had some rain, but only in a very small area. The little line of rain stalled right over us and kept redeveloping wave after wave all day. It was enough to make puddles and have the rain running down the road here. Ten miles north they didn’t get hardly anything.

Other than in the area blessed by rain we should be aware of the fire danger. We didn’t see much rain this week and today the humidity is low. The element missing is the wind. We are not expecting much of it.

The Peshtigo River is finally returning to more normal levels this week. It is still a little above normal running at about a +11″. I consider anything above 300cfs to be the fun zone, and it is 676 today.

This weekend is Mother’s Day weekend. At Kosir’s that means that Moms raft for free with a paid trip Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, Hilltop Resort is having a Mother’s Day buffet Sunday that sounds pretty good. Other places like Nimrod and Twin Bridge Resort usually have nice buffets too.

Unfortunately I need to run off and take care of some business so this is it for today. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!








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