Special Report- Meeting on allowing ATVs on Parkway Rd South in Silver Cliff

Vote for opening Parkway South to ATVs passes 44-25

The Town of Silver Cliff had a special meeting tonight to discuss the opening of Parkway Road between the southern Silver Cliff town line and Highway C at the Red Pine BP.

It was a hot and sweaty standing room only meeting. There were speakers on both sides of the issue and then only town residents got to vote.

In the end the vote count was 44-25 in favor of opening the road to ATVs. The town board will meet tomorrow night at 7pm to have a binding vote on the issue.

Special thanks to the Dun-Good Riders, WATVA, Iron Snowshoe, Jim Wagner, Fisher’s Camp, The Marinette Co Highway Dept, and others that came to air views on the issue.


It rained a little during the meeting I walked out and saw big dark clouds on one side of the sky, and blue skies and sun on the other. I said that there should be a rainbow around here somewhere. I was almost home when I spotted this one over Silver Cliff Camp at Hwy C & Boat Landing 11 Rd. It only rained a little at the town hall, but my driveway had huge puddles. 3 miles can make a big difference.

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  1. Scott and Michelle Paschke says:

    Thank you to everyone that’s trying to open this part of Parkway. We believe that connecting this is good for the economy of the area. We bought our place in Silver Cliff knowing that we and our kids would use these trails in this area. Its a wonderful place to enjoy all the different things the area has to offer. Fishing,pontooning, snowmobile and atving are a few things we love doing. But when there are places it’s hard to get to you don’t even want to ride the area and go north. This will make things a lots better. Thank you for everything. Scott & Michelle Paschke. Sturgeon Bay/Silver Cliff

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