Wed July 12, 2017

Greetings and welcome!

Like much of the state we had torrential rains yesterday. We had one of those scenarios where a line set up and the storms came down it one after the other like train cars on a track. It lasted a couple of hours, and each storm seemed to get a little stronger.

The news said that Caldron Falls had a total of 2.25″. The USGS gauge by Kosir’s measured about 1.5″. I am seeing radar returns in the 3″ range just to our west and south.

I know that when I left for the town meeting at about 6:45 it was coming down so hard that I probably could have ridden an inner tube down the hill in my driveway. The hill is pretty messed up from it.

I did see a couple of clouds that formed what looked like funnels, but there was no rotation, so they were just droopy clouds. With the intensity of that storm cell they did get a second look.

So.. we had a lot of rain locally and there will be some standing water and erosion.


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