Saturday 4-14-18

Greetings and welcome!

This is one crazy snowstorm.

Last night the radar looked impressive. I woke up quite surprised that we only had about an inch and a half of new snow. I expected much more. Going to Lakewood on Hwy F, starting at about Wheeler Lake, they had about 4″ on the ground. The TV said that Shawano had 15″ and they are what, about 60 miles away? Crazy.

Today the radar again was quite impressive. It snowed all day and into the night. Looking out of the front door at 8pm I have just a little accumulation on my windshield wipers. If I went by only looking at the radar I would expect 6″  just from today alone, but my storm grand total so far is less than 2″.

At that point I think that the word of the day should be virga. That is where precip falls but evaporates before it gets to the ground.

The NWS is still predicting 5″ tonight, 9″ tomorrow, and 2″ Sunday night. If you add that to what they got in  Shawano last night some of the crazy 24-34″ totals are not that far out of line.

Today was not a pleasant day. There were strong winds blowing last night’s snow across fields, out of trees, and off of rooftops. There were occasional flurries where snow pellets actually made it to the ground. Late afternoon my car said that it was 27 degrees out. The only thing missing was the snow. It looks like it is still coming.

One element of this storm that has my attention is the wind. The ground is soft from the frost coming out of it, so in theory the trees don’t have their usual anchor. My guess is that if we have heavy snow and strong winds as predicted we could see some come down and possibly hit power lines. We didn’t have any of that today that I saw, but the heavy snow was missing. I am hoping for the best for tomorrow.

The first whitewater rafting trips of the year running the Peshtigo River with Kosir’s went out this weekend. We had groups of the hearty go out both Friday and Saturday. The weather wasn’t balmy, but it was a lot warmer than last weekend. The water level varied from +6 to +8.


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