Friday 10-26-18

A Correction..

Joe and John both caught that daylight savings time does not start until November 4th. Some places do use October 28th, but CST is not one of them. Hat tip to you guys for catching that!


Greetings and welcome!

This is going to be one of my last updates here for the season. I am migrating over to The Big Snow Page. I do my blogging over there a lot like I do here, but from a snowmobiler’s perspective. In the short term I will be taking a little time off during the transition.

It is crazy time around here. There are cars to fix, firewood to cut n split, the house needs winterizing and the snowmobiles are on the list too. There is plenty to do that I don’t really want to do outside under 40 degrees.

The weather was cold and wet early in the month cheating us out of a lot of that prime fall weather. The standard used to be 50 and above was nice for outside activities, now it is down to 40 and above, and that is flexible.

The weather this week got a little more normal. I think our normal high right now is about 50, and we have been getting close.

The weekend weather looks ok for the most part. There are remnants of a tropical storm coming out of Mexico that have been raining on Minnesota and central and Western WI. So far it has not made it east of the middle of the state for the most part.

With that moisture surrounding us on all four sides eventually we will probably get a little too. Right now tthe NWS forecast is only for a slight chance of rain today and Saturday, and a good chance¬† (60%) of rain and snow Sunday. My guidance shows me the same things. The precip is expected to be minimal in any case. The TV is showing a precip total of 1/10th of an inch by Sunday and about 1/4″ total through Monday.

The fall colors are about done for the year. The tamaracks and oaks are the main color right now. The tamaracks are putting on a good show though.

This Sunday begins daylight savings time. At 2am Sunday we roll back the clocks an hour. Living north of the 45th parallel I gotta tell you that I am not a fan at all. It is bad enough that sunset is already at 5:48, Sunday it will go to about 4:40pm. How is a guy with one of those jay oh bee things supposed to get anything done outside when the sun sets 10 minutes after he punches out?>GRR. /rant.

Halloween is coming right up. I will remind you about the corn maze and pumpkin farm a mile south of Wausaukee on Nejedlo Rd and the haunted house on Moonshine hill and Camp 10 Rd Friday and Saturday night.

One last item.. a lot of people have been contacting me about snowplowing. Apparently Kitch passed away this summer and people are looking for driveway plowing. Here is a list that I sent a friend this morning.

John Feaker 715-757-3550.
Kelly Van Ark 920-619-9225.
Crazy Jon 715-927-2075.
On that note I am off to go and play outside. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!


  1. Jim wagner says:

    Ray we love you posts!! Thank you

  2. john says:

    I believe daylight savings time is SUNDAY 11-4-18. Love the page and updates

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