Monday May 23, 2015

Greetings and welcome!

May is always busy around here, but I can’t believe how this month flew by.

Today’s big news is that we are under a red flag warning for extreme wildfire conditions. We had a warm day with low humidity, pretty good winds, and a very dry fuel load. It would not have taken much to get a big fire going in a hurry. There have been plenty this week with 69 fires statewide.

We are very dry right now, but that will likely become less and less of a problem as the week progresses. Looking at the TV they are showing me the next 7 days being between 74 and 82, with rain possible daily. It didn’t seem very likely to have rain 7 days in a row so I took a look at my model guidance to see what the fuss was all about.

What I am seeing is a disorganized but massive area of low pressure setting up camp over the southwestern US for the next week and beyond. The counterclockwise circulation from that low pressure will be sending us warm moist air. That means warmer than normal temperatures  and rain chances daily.

The first wave of it is western WI and heading this way, and looks more like a couple of lines of isolated but strong thunderstorms than any kind of widespread soaking rain. That will probably vary from day to day.

We could use the rain as long as it doesn’t get t be too big of a part of our weekend. Right now it looks pretty good with only minimal rain chances Saturday and Sunday.

Spring is in full bloom now. We have mosquitoes and ticks, ferns opening up, tall grass where the mower didn’t go yet, and Sunday one of the resident does was spotted with a brand new fawn. I saw another doe and fawn tonight, but the fawn looked much bigger than Sunday’s. I am pretty sure that it was a different pair.

As mentioned, the ferns are starting to emerge, and are going from fiddlehead to leaf and branch. The trillium are still in bloom as are the marsh Marigolds, lilacs, and some cherry trees too. It is a fast changing world.

I am out of time for tonight, I am planning on visiting again later in the week.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!



Tuesday May 10th, 2016

Greetings and welcome!

Spring continues to amaze here in Silver Cliff. The cherry trees are in bloom, and the marsh marigolds are everywhere. I actually cut some of the long grass in the front yard over the weekend, and I saw my first fern fiddle heads today. I also killed my first ( and so far only) mosquito Friday.

The weekend again found dry and windy conditions and a fire danger in the very high zone. I really wanted to have a  bonfire and BBQ grill going, but again it was just too risky.

My decision was verified when I was out in the field Saturday cutting up a tree. The field grass was crunchy and ridiculously dry, and I didn’t even like being out there with the chainsaw. It would not take much to light the whole field up.

When I looked up the fire danger Saturday there were three wildfires  within 30 miles according to the DNR site. I can take a hint. Maybe next weekend.

I heard on the radio this morning that the whole UP is under a red flag fire danger warning. That’s as bad as it gets, and we are what, 40 miles away?

We had a little rain today, but it was not enough to run off or make a puddle. We have another chance at rain about Thursday morning, and maybe even a thunderstorm could happen. I would expect less that a half inch of rain out of that one.

Behind that rain is a big cold wave just in time for the weekend. We are looking at high temps around 50 both days, and low temperatures around freezing.

I was looking at the upper air temperature maps and it would indeed be cold enough at the key levels of the atmosphere to snow if there were any precip.

I have to wrap it up, but here are a couple of event posters before I go.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!