Thursday 4-16-2015

Greetings and welcome!

We have had some very nice days this week, and golly have things changed. Some lawns in Wausaukee are almost fully green. The maples are starting to get their first red flowers, and the cottonwoods have first leaves emerging making them look hazy at a distance. Here is Silver Cliff the grass is just getting started, but the greening is definitely under way.

The frogs in the pond are putting up quite a ruckus now. There are the peepers and the croakers, and they are really loud. Sometimes you can get surprised while driving along and passing a little pothole pond or wetland and the frogs are suddenly so loud.

The turkeys are not as abundant up by the roads anymore. I did see a Tom strutting Tuesday, so the season of love is still here for them, but they have moved more into tthe woods and fields.

Fire danger is very high right now throughout the state. Really watch your fire. They had red flag warnings for most of the southern and central parts of the state this week. With a little more humidity and a little less wind they reduced it to very high fire danger, still really bad.

This will be a good weekend to go whitewater rafting. The Peshtigo River is running high. The last that I saw it was close to +24. That is a very fun water level, and with decent weather, Saturday would be a good day to hit the river.

We hit 73 today, similar temps Tuesday, and 69 Wednesday. Tomorrow should be in the low 70s too.

The weekend doesn’t look quite as nice, but Saturday looks good. Temperatures should be in the 60s Saturday and about 60 Sunday. Saturday looks nice, but Sunday brings a pretty good change of rain after about noon.

Earlier model runs had held off the rain until Sunday night. Hopefully the weather will follow the earlier scenario and we end up with two good days.

While some years have us wondering if lakes will open in time for fishing, this isn’t one of them. Most lakes are ice free. All of the small ones that I have seen were wide open. When I went by Townsend Flowage last Friday the north end had a lot of open water, and the south end looked dark like it was ready to open up. Our 60s and 70s probably finished that off.

The ground has firmed up quite a bit this week. There is still soft stuff out there, but it has come a long way. A week ago the wood truck was parked by the wood shed because it would make huge ruts if I moved it. Today I could drive right out.

It is a little early to speculate when ATV trails will open and road bans will be lifted, but we are ahead of normal.

Well time for me to get back to work. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!




Monday 4/13/15

Greetings and welcome!

That was a great weekend!! Saturday was nice in the mid-60s, but Sunday got up to 73 or 74. Later the wind whipped up pretty good and was roaring in the trees. Monday brought 60s again, but with more strong wind.

We are looking at 60s all week, followed by some rain Friday night and a little cooler weekend. The TV and the NWS have us for 67 and Sunny Friday and near 60 for the weekend.

I heard the first croaker frogs in the pond Saturday, and the peepers started their vreep vreep Sunday. Tonight when I came home from work they were loud.

The warm weather wasn’t lost on the insect world. I killed my first gator last week out in the work shed. I was hoping that it was the mother ship, but apparently not. I had a few visit while I was working on cars over the weekend.

There hasn’t been much greening yet, but this week should help. It is pretty early for green grass and things sprouting but the soil should warm this week and get things started. The ground around the house has firmed up since last week.

The warm spell and rain has the Peshtigo River roaring pretty good. When I checked earlier it was running at a +24, about 1,400cfs. That is a great level for whitewater rafting. If you want to catch high water and good weather together, this week and weekend would be the hot ticket.

That’s news from here. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!