Friday 4-18-14

Greetings and welcome!

The snow yesterday morning came on strong. I would guess that there was 3-4 new inches by 7am. The final wave came later while I ws at work, but it was a strong one. Add a couple of more inches there. Even with the fast melting yesterday afternoon I was still walking in at least 4-5″ of snow at sunset.

The news said that Goodman closed schools. Other snow totals included 11″ at Rhinelander, 14-16″ in Vilas Co, and the big winner was Lac du Flambeau with 19″. As I went east the snow totals dropped a little.

Wausaukee had a few less inches than we did here in Silver Cliff. It was hard to quantify here not being here and with the melting and multiple waves of snow, but I’d guess it at about 8″ here. Crivitz had a lot less, maybe 2-3 slushy inches.

The cold week slowed and almost stopped the melting, so the Peshtigo River is running a little lower than it was early week. It is at about +12 now, and will be on the rise for the weekend. It should be a fun river this weekend and for the next couple. We should see 50 Saturday and 60 Sunday, so it won’t even be that cold. Get it while you can.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!




Thursday 4-17-14

Greetings and welcome!
The storm wasn’t as dramatic as expected-yet. Between this one and the left overs of the last one I have about 4″ on my front step as of 2:30am.

Wausaukee saw a little snow but not much accumulation as of 5:30 pm. The roads were wet. On the way home the farther I got the more snow was on the side road that I took. It was close to 3″ by Hwy C & A. The main road was clear and wet. The sun clearly was a factor even through heavy clouds.

Looking outside at 2am there wasn’t much new snow on the car since 6pm. The radar looked impressive, but it wasn’t impressive on the ground. A recheck at 3:30 found an inch of new snow, and it is falling pretty good. I’d say that the front step has crossed the 5″ mark (between the two storms).

The radar shows a lot more on the way. Looks like the storm is a late bloomer for us.