Monday August 3, 2015

Greetings and welcome!

It looks like another full week ahead, so I am getting a head start with some events.

This Saturday is the Silver Cliff Picnic & Parade. Here is the sign with the info…

8-3-15aThis Friday is also the drive through fish & shrimp fry, a fundraiser  with the Friends of the Mountain Ambulance Service. it is at the Mountain Ambulance Station along 32.

In Wabeno they are having a street dance this Friday night. The poster is a little blurry but making it bigger helps.


There is also a fishoree and corn roast/meat raffle on Hwy W by Roberts Lake in Wabeno. There will be raffles and cash prizes too.

From Chris’ event calendar..

Aug. 8
Amberg Community Assoc. Annual Duck Run at Mosquito Park
Starts at 11am, public is invited. Paddle wheel, raffles, food and refreshments. Ducks for sale at Mathis Hardware, Driftwood Sport & Fuel, Amberg Pub.

We had a couple of lines of storms roll through yesterday. They brought lightning, heavy rain, and a few wind gusts. There were reports of wind damage and hail over by Rhinelander, but nothing to speak of here. I did see a few hail stones in the heavy rain, but they were peanut sized and there weren’t many of them.

The second line turned into a beast as it moved east. There were pictures on the news from Oconto and Oconto Falls with 3″+ hailstones. One was as big as the palm of the guy’s hand. Door Co took some wind damage too.

There was a 100 acre wildfire near Parkway and Hwy W last weekend. They had several DNR crews as well as several local fire departments, and it still took a while to tame the blaze. Dry conditions were a factor in the size and difficulty of the fire.

That is news from here. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!




Thursday 7-30-15

Greetings and welcome!

It has been a very busy week for me so I haven’t had a chance to update. Even now I should be somewhere else, so it will be a quick visit.

In events this weekend we have the Lakewood Arts & Crafts Festival Saturday from 9-3. In Laona they are having their community soup, bring your own bowl. The Townsend Flowage Association is having a Corn Roast fundraiser Saturday, and there is a corn 73015aroast at EverBreeze too. When I was traveling Hwy 8 earlier in the week I saw a sign that said that this was the weekend of the Shrine Picnic. That is on Shrine Rd north of 8.

Last but not least is the Bear Point Yacht Club Menominee River Float Trip. This time they are adding a meat raffle. Those are always popular around here.

Critter sightings this week included a few deer, lots of turkeys, and a fox last night. The road pizza award goes to the porcupines, several of which I have seen after their demise.

We are on the eve of a blue moon. It is the second full moon of the month, and the full moon is around 5am tomorrow.

Tonight we have a chance at some northern lights. There is a magnetic storm watch out. If the clouds stay away we could get a show.

It was a warm week with temps in the low 90s. Today was a lot nicer with 80s and a little wind. We had a thunderstorm roll through at about 6pm that brought a few rumbles and some heavy rains, and it will bring in a little cooler air. The mist in the valleys was very pretty at sunset.

The weekend looks nice. Look for a high/low of about 80/60. The NWS as a 20% chance of showers from Friday on, and it jumps to 30% Sunday.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!