Sunday 9/7/14

Greetings and welcome!

In my limited travels I have seen minimal damage from last week’s storm. Yesterday when I went up to Benson Lake Rd on Parkway (Hwy I), there were only a couple of trees down here and there. The ride back down Harper and Old J found the same thing. There were a couple down between Old J and F along Hwy C.

The heavy rain caused a lot of gravel road edges and places with gradient to was out little gulleys. That was the majority of storm damage that I saw up there.

I suspect that there is more damage south. There were reports of trees down in Crooked Lake and a TV news report showed some in Crivitz too.

Yes Shaffer’s Restaurant near Crivitz did burn down. It was the chicken place for a lot of people. They haven’t declared it a total loss yet, but it is pretty badly damaged. It is not clear if it was lightning from the big storms or another source that started the fire. They are still working on that.  There was a lot of powerful lightning with the storm, so it is certainly a possibility.

It was a cool one last night, with a low of 43. I actually started a small fire in the wood burner that morning to take the chill off. That might happen again soon, later in the week we are looking at a chance of highs in the mid 50s and a shot at some frost, or at least pretty cold nights.

On that note, I am off to cut some firewood while it is still 70 & sunny.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!


Thursday September 4th, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

We had a couple of strong lines of storms pass through the region in the last 24 hours. There has been a lot of red, yellow, and orange on the radar, and tonight’s sunset was a little orange too.

Last night’s storm looked ugly on radar, and brought heavy rain and lightning. I think that it was after midnight when the strong stuff cleared the area. Other than some gravel washout on the driveway there was no obvious damage here or in my travels to work In Wausaukee.

Late this morning a really nasty line of storms developed and came our way. I checked the radar summary and it showed cloud tops up to 50 and 60,000 feet. A 12 mile high cloud top? Yowza! That is really big. It was almost as dark as night for at least an hour in Wausaukee. It poured, the wind blew pretty good, and there was even some hail.

This is a hail chunk from near the High Line Bar in Middle Inlet.

9-4-14hailThat will issue a dent or two.

There was a lot of lightning and some strong winds with the storm. There were some straight line winds over 50 and 60 mph that took down trees and knocked out power for thousands.

My reports had power out in Crooked Lake, Crivitz, and Middle Inlet after the noon storm. There were many other outages, those were just the ones that I heard about.

When I got home around 6 the power was out here near C & F in Silver Cliff, though the gas station and Jungle Jim’s still had power. I am currently on Honda power, and the electric company expects power restoration about noon tomorrow. As of 9pm they still have over 700 outages and 31,000 people out of power. The line crews will be very busy over the next few days.

I heard a report of trees down in Crooked Lake. On Perch Lake Rd between here and Wausaukee there were probably a dozen spots where trees or branches had fallen in the road and been cleaned up. From A west to about a mile east of Parkway there were maybe three trees that showed damage. There were a couple of small trees down in one yard about a mile east of Parkway.

A third line of storms came through tonight after work, but that was just some rain and a few rumbles of thunder. We only scored dark green on the radar. The strong stuff stayed south.

This was all the product of a couple of fronts. Last night’s deluge was a warm front, and you could see the moisture feeding into it on radar. Today’s lines were in advance of a cold front coming out of MN. That will bring nice weather for tomorrow and the weekend.

The heavy rains last weekend and again this week really have added up. A wild guess would be around 6″, and I’d easily except a little bit larger number. At any rate the rivers have really come up. The Peshtigo River was at +5″ today, and still has a couple of heavy storms of water on the way. That river will be exceptionally good for whitewater rafting this weekend. Likewise the Menominee River was over 3,300cfs today and there is a lot more water coming.

I expect to get more damage reports tomorrow and get a better handle on things.