Thursday 7/2/15

Greetings and welcome!

The big weekend is almost here. Well.. as my favorite line in the movie Twister goes.. “It isn’t coming, it’s already here..“. When I went to Crivitz after work tonight it was pretty nuts. A lot of people apparently have tomorrow off, and some of them are already here. Expect some company this weekend.

I have a long list of events today.

Let’s start with Amberg. They are having a parade Saturday. That is all that I know, though I’d speculate that they are having a picnic and fireworks as well.

Here are some links to other towns and events events in no particular order.

Crivitz Ski Cats Water Ski Show & Fireworks

Twin Bridge Ski Team Water Ski Show & Fireworks

Crivitz parade picnic, and fireworks

Townsend picnic & fireworks

Kid’s Fishing Tournament-Birch Hills Resort Townsend

Friends of Mountain Ambulance Service Drive Thru Fish Fry Friday July 3rd

Fox 11 Green Bay Northeast Wisconsin Fireworks Display List

Bring Repel. Some places aren’t bad for gators (mosquitoes), some are. I used up all of my stashed cans of Repel in the past few weeks and got tagged 6.79 for a can tonight. Owie. Don’t tell the retailer, but it is still worth the money if you hit a cloud of ’em.

People that like to go out prowling for bargains will like all of the rummage sale and garage sale signs that I have been seeing the past few days. There were plenty of them so you shouldn’t have to wander far to find some bargains.

There is a 20-30% chance of showers or storms tomorrow night as a little disturbance from a low pressure area up in Canada comes our way.

It doesn’t look like much on the models, but with some sun and convection it could turn into some rain. Right now the TV weather channel is showing a line of light showers that sort of scatters as it comes our way. The GFS is showing it a little more robust than that, but mostly after dark.

Beyond that the weekend looks very nice. Until Sunday afternoon we are expecting fair weather and temps in the low to mid-80s.

The skies should be fairly clear for star gazing, but it was a full moon Wednesday. According to the solunar tables moonrise is at 9:48 Friday, and 10:28 Saturday. Sunset is at 8:45 both days.

Along that line, there is some cool stuff happening this weekend in stargazing. Take a look if you are into that sort of thing.

One last thought.. When I was going to Crivitz at about 5pm all of the road crews had cleared out of the construction zone between Crivitz and Wausaukee. It is still a construction zone, so watch out for those double fines.  They are progressing well with the passing lanes, and should be done with that phase of construction in a few weeks. It will be very nice to have those passing lanes when they are done.

That is about it from here. Have fun and be safe this weekend, and thank you for visiting!



Monday 6/29/15

Greetings and welcome!

We have a big holiday weekend coming up and I have a busy week ahead too, so I am getting a head start. Today I have a few store posters, there are more events that I will be posting as I get them.

It was a nice weekend last weekend and we have another one ahead for this weekend. The TV this morning showed sunny and upper 70s for Friday-Sunday. Even the nights look inviting with a chance at clear skies and lows in the mid-50s. Where is that Buy It Now button? That sounds perfect.

Last Sunday we took the boat out for a little while and took a few pictures along the way. I wasn’t expecting much for fishing but we had a good day.

The dragonfly hung out with me for a while on the boat ride and got named Gator since he and his friends kept our boat ride mostly mosquito free.  I am not sure what kind of snake that is, but sunning himself on the road didn’t go well for him. The bird was huge and probably a blue heron. Anyway here are some pictures..

That is it for tonight. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!