Friday 7-21-17

Greetings and welcome!

It was not the week for weather that I was expecting. We had a rowdy storm Tuesday afternoon that brought some gusty winds and rain so hard I could only see about 100 yards. It was all over in about 20 minutes. I saw two trees down from the storm, but they were ready to come down anyway. We didn’t lose power, but Crivitz did.

The battleground where all of the big storms were stayed downstate this week, and some of those areas got disastrous flooding again. We ended up with a hot humid week that stayed in the 80s.

The weekend forecast is a strange one. The NWS has us at a 70% chance of rain/storms tonight, 40% Saturday and Sunday, and 30% Saturday night. The TV says a chance tonight, and a minor chance Saturday night, and a better chance Sunday night. My guidance suggests that tonight and Saturday night would be our best chance. Temps from the NWS are 77 Saturday and 74 Sunday. I will inject that Saturday will be humid.

As jumbled as the forecast is, I don’t see anything that would merit adjusting plans. As always be ready for a passing shower or storm.

The whitewater rafting will again be outstanding this weekend. The Peshtigo River is at about a +8, yet another record for today since they started keeping records in 1998. Normally we would be around 200CFS, pretty close to un-runnable. Today we are at 552. I consider anything over 300cfs the fun zone. Get it while you can!

This weekend is hog wrestling weekend at the Caldron Falls Bar. They have new owners so there will be some minor changes like different T-shirts and vendors, and many new food offerings from the new owner’s barbeque catering service. There will be karaoke tonight, and there will be live music in the daytime tomorrow too. Beyond that it is business as usual with the hog wrestling, band at night and fireworks to close the event. They also have a fancy new web site.

This weekend is also popular with the OWI task force and a wide variety of law enforcement looking for people getting out of line. Use a taxi, shuttle, or a safe ride home if you are going to indulge.

I promised some cool pictures, here we go. I paid a price for some of these, which reminds me, bring REPEL.

As usual the clock is not my friend so I have to run along. Have a fun weekend and thank you for visiting!


Tuesday July 18th, 2017

Greetings and welcome!

I don’t know much today and the to do list is about eight feet long so it will be a short update for now.

First up, the TV weather guy said that today is the day with the highest normal high of the year. In Green Bay that would be a normal high of 80.

We are on the way to a humid 85 degree day that is expected to end with some strong thunderstorms. We have a hazardous weather outlook going and a 2 of 5 on the severe weather index.

This week’s weather is a big question mark. The way that the guy on TV laid it out is that we have a quasi-stationary front setting up camp over the lower 1/3 of WI that is dividing hot & humid air to the south and cooler air to the north. As it moves north and south the areas near the battleground will likely see storms.

That is a nearly impossible scenario to predict, so I am not going to spend much time on it. I will call it a hot week in the mid-80s with a chance of storms just about daily, usually in the afternoon.

Now if I can’t tell you what Thursday holds, the weekend is obviously a guess. Right now my guess is for highs in the low 80s and a chance of a storm late Saturday and a better chance Sunday.

I have some cool pix to share, and I will catch up on events for the weekend. Right now I am running to get some of my list done. I have 2 web sites on high priority status, and one that will hit the net today, and I need to fix the brakes on my car before it gets too hot outside. I need a clone.

I will be back soon.