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Summer is now under way and with the summer solstice a few days behind us the days are now getting shorter. For now it is ok, I don’t mind sunset 8:53. That leaves an hour or two after work to get stuff done. We lost a minute of daylight today when the sun rose at 5:23 instead of a minute earlier.

Wildlife has been easy to spot this week on my ride to and from work. For some reason there are a lot of critters in the ditches. This morning on the way to work I spotted a buck with maybe 4″ of antlers and a knot on the top of each one ready to branch. That was probably the highlight of the week. There have been a lot of birds, chippys, squirrels, porcupines, skunks, and rabbits, and a lot of deer. As a result there has been a lot of road pizza too. Keep your eyes peeled for critters if you are out driving. They seem particularly active this week.

We have a hot and steamy weekend ahead, and a chance of some storms Saturday night. There is a fairly strong area of low pressure to our northwest up in Canada. As that gets closer we will be in the river of warm moist air being drawn up from the south.

Right now the GFS and the NWS  & TV forecasts are predicting that the storms will come mostly Saturday night, and they could be some good ones. The GFS QPF is showing me that we could see 0.5-0.75″ of rain by Monday. That doesn’t sound too bad, but there are areas less than 100 miles away that are shown getting 1-1.5″ or more. That isn’t a big margin of error 48 hours out. As always, be ready for anything, but don’t let it ruin your weekend. It is just a forecast.

We have some events coming up this weekend. Here is the list from Chris’ event page on Northern Destinations.

June 25
2nd Annual Pig Roast at Parkway Inn & Resort, starts at 1:00 PM

June 25
Bear Point Annual Fishing Tournament
100% Payout – 2 Persons per boat – 18 boat Maximum – Visit Website for Details

June 26
2016 Marinette County Breakfast on the Farm.
Visit website for full details.

And one that I heard about on the radio..

Next weekend 6/30-7/3 Norway 125th Celebration – A big event with lots of live music and attractions

Norway, MI is just across the Menominee River from Kosir’s Rafting Menominee River outpost on Hwy 8 East.

Last Saturday evening I escaped for a little white and went to my favorite sunset spot for a little time in the water, a cold beer, and a few sunset pictures. I met some web site visitors there and enjoyed seeing them. There was a loon that popped up every little while, fishermen and kayakers, and a nice night for the show.

None of these pictures were color corrected at all. It was all aperture & shutter speed, and a beautiful sunset of course.  I resized them for a 1920px desktop background, down from 300 to 72dpi,  hit the sharpen button once and saved them at a fairly low compression.  Enjoy!

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!


Thursday 6/16/2016

Greetings and welcome!

We have a nice weekend coming up and a lot to talk about.

The weekend ahead is expected to have mostly clear weather and mid-80s for high temperatures. My first thought is that it will be a good campfire weekend. With partly cloudy skies and low temperatures around 60 it should be very comfortable.

Warm weather will also drive us to the water. With our recent rain the whitewater rafting is highly recommended. Both the Peshtigo and Menominee Rivers are at very fun levels. For those not into the thrill, it will make tubing better too. Not only is the water higher, but the river is warming up from the rain.

That same high water will make a waterfall tour a good call this weekend.

The Muscle Maniacs will have a nice weekend for their car show in Lakewood this weekend. There will be some top notch cars there, check it out if it is in your travels.

In nature this week the raspberries continue to bloom, though not quite as much as last week. Also making a strong showing this week were patches of white daisies along the roadsides. I have seen pretty many snapping turtles up on the roads as they seek a sandy spot to lay eggs. I went to take pictures of one Sunday, and it wasn’t a snapper at all.

I took the boat out on Caldron for an hour Sunday afternoon. It needed a shakedown run and I learned about plenty to fix. It was mostly about the boat so I only fished for about 10 minutes. and don’t have any fish to show off. Not yet.

Speaking of going out on Caldron Falls, Kosir’s Rafting has a sweet pontoon boat that they take people out on. It can hold 13, and it is something like $20 to go. I was on one ride, and it was great. Check it out.





For now, have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!