Friday 5-17-19

Greetings and welcome!

I guess that I do this on Fridays now. I usually shoot for Tuesday bit the world has kept me a little busy the last few weeks.


The grass is very green now and heading for needing the first cutting. Down in Crivitz they have dandelions and it is ready for the first cut on a lot of lawns.

The dogwoods, choke cherries, and marsh marigolds are in bloom. The cottonwoods are getting their first light green leaves, putting on a little bit of a show. The birch have their tubular catkins. You can still see pretty far into the woods, but that is not going to last long.

The whitewater season from heaven continues. The Peshtigo River is down to about +16”, a really fun and rowdy level. It won’t be staying there for long.

Late this week I managed to take some forest roads. They were dried up enough, but they had not been for long. Earlier in the week they were still a little muddy and there were a couple of washouts.

The ATV trails open in Marinette County this week, actually they opened today. I just checked the Red Arrow web site and the Oconto County trails open today too. They will have some detours in Townsend and near Crooked Lake as they continue to repair trails.

I mentioned that the Peshtigo River won’t be staying at +16” for long. That is based on the weekend forecast. The rain is expected to start Friday night and go off and on until Sunday night. On the NAM forecast model there are some heavier waves Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday. According to the TV we could see 3” of rain. Look for highs around 50 and lows around 40.

Speaking of weather, we had some warm days this week. Thursday I was overdressed after a cool morning. I was roasting pretty good. I was still surprised when I got home and looked and we had a high of 85. Wow. Athelstane Weather also marked 80 on Wednesday.

Yes that brought some bugs out. The bug of the week is the gnat. They were not swarms like they can be, but they were present. There are some ticks too.

It has been a very wet spring. Small ponds like mine and some lakes are above normal for water levels. It is also the first spring that I recall not having to worry about fire danger between when the snow goes away and the grass greens up.

I still have some catching up to do on this update. I have a few pictures that I hope to share, and I have been gathering up events. Hopefully our wet weekend will let me get some computer time in and get that done.

One final parting thought… Every year is different, but here is a little advice. Years ago when I tried my hand at gardening around here I fell into the trap of planting stuff in mid-May when the weather got nice. Every year my garden got frostbitten. Every year. Now my rule is that anything that I want to plant outside goes either in trays or portable containers that I can put inside, or they don’t go out before June 10th. It seems a little goofy in light of yesterday’s 85 degree day, but two and three days ago I had heavy frost on my cars at sunrise both days.

Time to get some Z’s. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!


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