Tuesday 10-9-18 Paddler’s Alert

Greetings and welcome!

It is raining again. Rain rain rain rain. We have had close to 2″ in the last two days and will be at about 3.5″ for the past 7 days by morning. This has totally shut down my firewood operation and put a crimp on a lot of people that work outside for a living. I guess we don’t have to worry too much about fire danger.

The whitewater rafting season is over, but the rivers are rocking for private boaters. The Peshtigo is rising fast and is at about a +16″, about 1,000cfs. The Wolf is also at about 1,000cfs, and the Menominee River is an enormous 5,000cfs. I will predict that the Peshtigo will hit +24″ by the weekend, and maybe more. We are lucky to see water levels like that in spring with the snow melt. To get it with 50+ degree weather is a blessing.

With all of this rain we were supposed to get 70 degree weather, at least that is what the TV said for Green Bay. Apparently we are on the other side of the line, we have been in the upper 50s. That seems fairly warm until you add rain, fog, and mist.

The Fall colors are rocking. Everywhere I look there is something orange, yellow or somewhere in between. The storm has finished off some of the earliest maples, but you wouldn’t hardly miss them with the rest of the world so colorful. On my ride between here and Peshtigo today the leaves around here are at peak or maybe 5% past. The area around Crivitz is just magnificent, and south of Hwy 64 the color is just coming into its prime. It is quite a show.

In events this weekend… The local paper oopsed the date on this one.. Crooked Lake Lion’s Club Octoberfest.. Featuring German food, a beer garden with music, meat raffles, and a craft show. There is more, follow the link.

The corn maze and pumpkin farm on Nejedlo Rd is open. Nejedlo Rd is the first road south of Wausaukee on Hwy 141.

A few miles south of there on 141 is Moonshine Hill Rd. On Moonshine Hill Rd there is an organic pumpkin farm. There is also the Camp 5 Terror, a haunted house that is open Fri & sat nights. Take Moonshine Hill Rd west a few miles to the stop sign. That is Camp 5 Rd. Be afraid, be very afraid.. Booo!

That is all that I have for events for right now.

I just saw the forecast animation on TV for tomorrow. They are calling for another 2.25″ of rain tomorrow before it finally ends. It also shows us under a flood watch. Hunters with a low lying trail or soggy spots on the way into the stand might need better boots.

One last item.. I have not seen snow here yet. Someone at the bar mentioned that last week’s storm actually dropped about 1.5″ of accumulating snow up near Iron Mountain. It won’t be long before we see it here too.

I have an insanely busy second half of the week coming up, so I am updating tonight while I can. I may be able to pull off a Fri report, but I can’t promise.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!


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