Tuesday 4-9-19

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It is a soggy day in Silver Cliff today.

Saturday it rained a lot. I don’t have my bucket out yet so I have to guess, but I’d put it easily in the 0.5-1″ range. Saturday evening I headed out of Crivitz at about sunset. It was misty and a little foggy in Crivitz. As I headed north the fog got thicker as the increasing snow depth and the rain caused a lot more of it. Once I got up to Hwy C and started heading west it got really thick, and was down to maybe 50-100 yard visibility.

It rained again Sunday and pretty much repeated the process.

Monday was a beautiful sunny 60 degree day. In the afternoon some showers and thunderstorms moved in and we were back into the fog. Right at sunset the visibility was maybe 200′ west of the river.

On the Big Snow Page I have a saying.. fog is a snow thief. The 100% humidity allows for some very effective heat transfer and it can melt a lot of snow on a warm day.

While my yard and most of my driveway is clear, the north side of the house where the sun doesn’t hit has knee deep snow or more. That also applies to very sheltered areas and the deep woods. That is where we are seeing our fog get the heaviest.

All of this rain and melting has areas creeks and rivers overflowing their banks. Eagle Creek at the Hwy C bridge is out of its banks as are creeks and rivers going east. It is much less dramatic as you head south.

The Peshtigo River is running high too. When I just checked it was at about +20″ and definitely on the rise. They opened the spring whitewater rafting season at Kosir’s last weekend and people were met with good water levels. This weekend will be outstanding. Looking at the gauge by Kosir’s and the slope of the USGS graph we will easily blow through the 24″ mark today with it continuing to rise. The water levels this weekend will bring the kind of water that makes the Peshtigo River world famous. Call Kosir’s today. 715-757-3431 or Kosirs.com.

Getting into driveways varies from driving right down soggy gravel to axle deep mud with water standing on it. It all depends on how high it is and how much sun it gets. Low spots are holding a lot of water and the ground is soggy and soft. Water squishes up around my shoes walking in the bare areas of the yard.

Critter sightings are up. The deer and turkeys are out by the roads. I have seen eagles and the first sandhill cranes this week, along with chippies and squirrels. Some of the migratory birds are back too.

The trap line produced a couple of mice this week both in the camper and the house. I would think that with the nicer weather the mice would be heading outside instead of invading, but no. Maybe they don’t want to get their little feet wet. I don’t know. I use the plastic T-Rex traps with dry roasted sunflower seeds, and I put a few seeds around the trap. It is an unstoppable combination that usually gets them the first night.

We have some big weather coming up for late week. Wednesday night into Thursday morning the snow is expected to start. It is a strong storm with lots of moisture and a lot of cold air on the north side. Thursday will likely bring heavy snow and some rain or mix, followed by a little snow going into Friday. Model guidance has been on the high side with some predicting 10-14″. On the low side I saw 4-6 or 4-8″. Friday night is expected to go below freezing (25F) and harden it up a little.

It is common for the forecast to be a lot worse than the weather, and sometimes early models get a little sensational about precip amounts. Stay tuned on this one. It might moderate a little for totals, but it is a big storm that will probably get messy. Unless it takes a sudden right turn tomorrow we will see heavy snow, strong winds, rain, freezing rain and the whole spring storm buffet.

Normally I would start talking about fire danger about this time of year. I don’t think that is going to be a problem this week or weekend.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!




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